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Gombars Motor Service
(02) 6297 1868

Vehicle inspections are vital when it comes to picking up hazards and potential problems with your vehicle. At Gombars Motor Service, your safety on the road is our top priority and regular vehicle inspections help us make that happen.

Our vehicle safety inspections are completed by fully qualified technicians using the latest diagnostic software and equipment, so that you can drive away with the peace of mind that your car is in the safest condition possible. 

We Are Vehicle Inspection Experts

Our technicians are highly trained in roadworthy inspections and pre purchase inspections, in addition to regular inspections on your current vehicle. By getting a vehicle inspection carried out by a professional, you will adhere to government regulations, meet insurance requirements and most importantly, maximise your safety on the road.  

We understand that it can be easy to assume your car doesn’t need an inspection because there is nothing obviously wrong with the vehicle. However, often issues are beneath the surface and are not apparent to the untrained eye, which is why getting a vehicle inspection is so important.

By getting a professional assessment of your vehicle, any issues or potential issues can be diagnosed properly, saving you time and money in the future.

All work completed by our workshop technicians meet the highest industry standards, so that you can rest assured that your car is in the best possible hands.

Trust Us For Your Next Vehicle Inspection

Our mechanics are committed to excellence for every job. By sticking to our values and producing the highest quality works, we have become one of the most trusted workshops in Queanbeyan when it comes to all things car servicing, including vehicle inspections

If you’re after a prompt and reliable diagnosis of the safety of your car, get in touch with Gombars Motor Service today. 

Put yourself in the safest possible position when on the road. Call our friendly team on 0262971868, or use our easy online booking form.

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Gombars Motor Service
in Queanbeyan, NSW
(02) 6297 1868

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