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Gombars Motor Service
(02) 6297 1868

Are you having issues with your vehicle’s handling, such as reduced responsiveness or a noticeable body tilt when turning? Your steering or suspension system may be the source of the problem. This can impact the comfort of both driver and passengers, and potentially compromise your safety if left unchecked.

The best course of action is to have the problem looked at by a qualified auto technician with expertise in steering and suspension. Taking care of issues as soon as they arise is always your best bet for optimising your vehicles lifespan and ensuring safety and comfort on the road. 

Your Local Steering And Suspension Experts

Gombars Motors is your go-to steering and suspension service in the Queanbeyan area. Our qualified team of technicians are experts in this area and are ready to get your vehicle driving its best.

Our experienced technicians have you covered with aspects of maintenance including:

  • Servicing steering and suspension systems
  • Suspension repair and replacement of key components
  • Steering column / steering wheel repair
  • Power steering fluid change

Auto Care You Can Rely On

As part of the Bosch Car Service Network, Gombars Motors is a workshop committed to the highest standards of workmanship and benefits from industry leading equipment and training in the latest auto care technologies. 

As with all our work, steering and suspension services are carried out to manufacturer’s specifications and won’t interfere with your existing warranty conditions. We provide a nationwide guarantee on all work, and use quality Bosch replacement parts.

This all adds up to a professional, friendly and comprehensive auto service you can rely on. 

Contact Us

If you’re experiencing an issue with your car’s handling, now’s the time to have it looked at by an experienced professional. Book a suspension or steering service at Gombars Motors today. Give us a call on 0262971868, or use our easy online booking form.


Gombars Motor Service
in Queanbeyan, NSW
(02) 6297 1868

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