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Gombars Motor Service
(02) 6297 1868

The team at Gombars Motor Service are experts in all aspects of car batteries, including diagnostics and car battery replacement.

If you think it’s time for a new car battery, it is important to visit a trained and qualified mechanic who you can trust to take the best possible care of your vehicle. 

There are a number of signs that you need a car battery service, including but not limited to:

  • Requiring a jump start on multiple occasions.
  • Your engine is struggling to start.
  • The lights in your car are failing to turn on.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or would like to have the health of your battery tested, our team at Gombars Motor Service have the best quality tools and equipment available. 

We Are Car Battery Replacement Experts

We understand that having the best car battery in your car is extremely important for both your car and your potential safety.

Depending on how well your car battery has been looked after, you will generally require a car battery replacement anywhere between the two and five-year mark after getting a new car battery.

It is possible that your car battery will need to be replaced before this, which is why we check your car battery using the latest diagnostic software and equipment available.

Our team will provide you with a prompt and reliable diagnosis specifying how well your car battery is functioning, so that you can drive away knowing that your car battery is in the best possible condition. 

With a commitment to perfection on each and every job, we also offer professional and up to date advice on the best ways to look after your car battery, ensuring that you save on future car battery costs

Trust Our Professional Mechanics For Your Next Car Battery Service

As experts in car battery service, our professional mechanics are trusted by Queanbeyan residents for all things related to car batteries. At Gombars Motor Service we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have the access to the best car batteries available. Get in touch with us today on 0262971868 or complete our online booking form.

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Gombars Motor Service
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(02) 6297 1868

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